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Life Insurance

Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment. - Paulo Coelho.

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Life Insurance Definition

The financial security you leave your family in the event of our death, this is what life insurance is. Because you are no longer with them, the money paid out by your life insurance helps keep your family home, family car, and family name in tact, after your death. .


It's not for me - Why get Life Insurance?

You might feel that Life Insurance is not for you or your family but how can you ensure your loved ones well being in the even of an unexpected death? The benefits of life insurance extends further than money. This includes:

- Peace of mind that your family are financially secure.
- Securing your children's education and ensuring your family's health is taken care of from a lump sum pay out.
- Securing your assets (car and home) and taking care of family debts.

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How Life Insurance Works?

Each life insurance policy is tailored to your specific risk profile.

A risk porfile includes:

- Gender
- Age
- Occupation and
- Health.

Your risk profile will serve as your life insurance calculator and affects how much your monthly premium will be.

Your life insurance policy will be paid out in a lump sum in the event of the death of the policy holder (the breadwinner). The amount paid out will be outlined in your policy.

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How Do I Apply?...Do it the smarter way

It's simple... By submitting your details, you can speak to a licensed financial provider who will finalise your life insurance policy.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

This will affect your life insurance monthly premium, it includes:

- diabetes,
- heart conditions
- any chronic, medical conditions that you have been diagnosed with before you start your new life insurance policy.

Who can I include on my life insurance policy?

You are generally able to include all your immediate family members such as your spouse and children. Depending on your life insurance policy, you may be able to insure extended family such as grandparents.

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