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Survey Says, "Welcome to Suburbia"

Black South Africans are buying more suburban homes according to a survey conducted by an FNB Estate Agent in Johannesburg followed the end of 2013. The survey found that for the first time since the survey had started in 2005, black South Africans were purchasing more suburban homes comparatively than white South Africans.

The estimated statistics of the white suburban home buyers dropped from 57% in 2005 to 48.5% in 2013. In contrast to this, black South African suburban homes have increased from 23% in 2005 to 31% in 2013. However, there have been some attributing factors given to explain these results.

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Demand for Affordable Housing Increase

The CEO of FNB Housing Finance, Marius Marais in Johannesburg has recently made a statement that the affordable housing sector is in high demand with an average of a mere 20 000 units developed annually compared to an estimated one million homes needed. These assertions to not include future demands of affordable homes for a growing GDP.

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MWEB Customers Join the Wi-Fi Global Revolution


MWEB is the first South African broadband service provider to sign an exclusive deal with Fon, a worldwide Wi-Fi community of over 12 million users. You are able to become your very own hotspot through the use of Fon-enabled routers, which will share your secure home or business Wi-Fi broadband connection with any other Fon members. The essence of a community is sharing and what better way to do it than on an international dynamic platform?

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Wholesale and Retail Business Split Forces Telkom to Play Nice

As of January 2014, Telkom has had to split their Retail and Wholesale business according to a ruling filed by the Competition Tribunal in June last year. A new code of conduct was issued to Telkom employees, which draws a line in the sand between special treatment and fair play between the Retail and Wholesale employees. They are no longer allowed to share competitive confidential client information between themselves because it violates the ethical code of the Competition Tribunal.

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The Invasion of Normandy, Nokia’s New User Interface Leaked

Leaked images of Nokia’s new low-end Android device, Normandy, emerged last week on Twitter from the renowned @evleaks. After years of speculation whether Nokia would develop their own Android device, the leaked images of the user interface seem rather similar to the Windows user interface (UI).

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HTC One Mini Proves Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

The new HTC One Mini is able to proudly stand its own against its bigger brother, the HTC One. The HTC One Mini is smaller but perfectly capable of fulfilling almost all of the demands of messaging applications and multimedia with its 1.4GHz quad core processor.

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Streamline Your Pockets: Smartphone Technology as the Key to Your Home

An interesting new way for technology to streamline your life by Las Vegas resident, Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, is to combine your smartphone and house keys. The new technology unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show ending on the 10th of January 2014, the Goji lock, is able to unlock doors and even greet the resident when their smart phone is near the door.

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