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Hospital Insurance


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What Is Hospital Insurance?

Hospital Insurance covers you specifically if you or your covered family member requires hospitalisation. For the bills not covered by your medical aid and for the income lost during your hospitalisation, hospital insurance covers you for these costs.

How Hospital Insurance Benefits You?

- Daily pay-outs ensure the income lost will be subsidised while you’re hospitalised.
- You can also pay off medical expenses not covered by medical aid.
- Peace of mind that you and your family are covered in the event of hospitalisation.

How it works?

Depending on your monthly premium, as well as your insurance company's affordable hospital plans, you will receive:

- Lump sum
- Or daily pay outs for each day that you are hospitalised.

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How do I apply? Getting Hospital Insurance is Easy…

Finding the right insurance can take time, which you might not have.

By submitting your ID number and contact details, one of our partnering authorised financial service providers will finalise all the details with you.

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I already have Medical Aid – Medical Aid VS Hospital Insurance

Having Medical Aid specifically covers for the medical procedures and your medicine. But what happens after the procedure?

Hospital Insurance gives you the cash to pay for anything during and after the time you are hospitalised.

This can include: extra medical bills, school fees, or supplement the income lost by hospitalisation.

The main difference is that hospital insurance specifically covers in-hospital treatment while medical aids cover specific medical procedures and medicine. A hospital plan in South Africa gives you cash that you can use for anything; you can pay for extra medical bills, school fees, or supplement the income lost by hospitalisation.

What is a pre existing Condition?

This refers to any medical condition that you already have prior to starting a hospital plan, examples include heart conditions and diabetes.

What do waiting periods mean?

Common to many insurance products, this means there is a stipulated amount of time that needs to pass before you can make a claim. Waiting periods differ between each plan and depend on whether you have illness, pregnancy or pre-existing conditions.

Accidents happen quickly” – You know the saying. Get an online quote and be covered with quality insurance.


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