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Home Insurance


There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home. - Rosalynn Carter

Your home is irreplaceable and so is insuring it. Protect your home and save up to 26% today on home insurance quotes.

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What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance reduces the costs you pay in the event your house or the contents within it, is either damaged, require replacement or need repairs. Click n Compare saves you the time and the hassle by comparing quotes from trusted popular home insurance companies that's affordable for you!

Are There Different Types of Home Insurance?

Yes, there are. There are generally three types of home insurance policies:
1. House Content
This type of home insurance covers assets within your, in the event of it being stolen, accidently damaged or in the case of loss.
2. Buildings
This type of insurance covers the structure and built-in fixtures with in your home such as your bath, in unforeseen events of it being damaged, vandalised, set alight or marred by water damage.
3. Combined Buildings Insurance
So you want to cover both your house and the contents within it? This type of cover gives you both.

What does house content insurance include?

It includes everything in your home you decide to include. This can be your children's toys, curtains, rugs. You can also include your garden and sports equipment.

Make a video recording showcasing everything you decide to include so it serves as some proof and allows you to add some things you may have overlooked.

What Cover Can I Get If I'm Renting Property?

Just because you're not owning the property you live on doesn't mean home insurance won't benefit you. Whether it's an apartment you're renting or a complex, house content cover protects all the possessions which are yours.

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What Cover Can I Get If I Rent Out Property To Others?

Home Insurance gives you the ability to protect property you own (or have a mortgage on) which you let out to tenants. This policy differs from the usual building insurance so consult your home insurance company.

Landlord insurance protects you against damaged property, aswell as missed rent payments.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are many factors that could affect how much your average home insurance costs. This includes:

- Whether you let out your property to tenants.
- The condition and structure of you home.
- The level and condition of your home security.
- If their are any builders onsite.
- Leaving your home unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time.

All of these factors will serve as some what of a home insurance calculator.


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