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We've teamed up with winelands experience booking platform, Explore Sideways, to bring you an exciting array of bespoke adventures into the South African winelands. Whether you're a sip-savvy connoisseur seeking out the best of SA or you're a family looking for fun and adventure, they've got a spectrum of curated activities, sights and tastes no matter what your interests are. Everything from horseback riding through vineyards, whale watching while wine sipping, indulging in foodie delights in Franschoek or embarking on a family-focussed tour to encounter many a furry friend. They've got you covered! If you're looking for a relaxing way to spend the weekend or feel like going on an adventure, Explore Sideways is the perfect solution. Your private guide will pick you up and sort out everything from logistics to pre-bookings so you can focus on perfecting your swirling and sipping! Whilst sipping the tastiest wine the region has to offer.