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Funeral Insurance


Saying Goodbye is Never Easy

Make It Easier For Your Loved Ones – Save Up to 35% off the best Funeral Insurance South Africa has to offer.

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Definition of Funeral Insurance

Saying goodbye is never easy. And Funeral Insurance takes care of the financial responsibility of your funeral expenses in the event of your unexpected death – Giving your loved ones the ability and the time to grieve peacefully.

Depending on your funeral insurance policy your beneficiaries could be handed up to R50, 000 per member and other benefits, even with your estate already suspended.

Get covered TODAY without a funeral insurance broker.

“I already have a funeral policy/ I don’t need it”… IT’S MORE THAN JUST A FUNERAL POLICY:

By quickly filling in your details now, you will get much more than just funeral cover.

What Do You Get?

- 35% off your Funeral Insurance
- Instant Accidental Death Cover from First Monthly Premium Payment
- Death Coverage After 24 months
- Suicide Cover After 24 months
- Faster

What Does Your Family Get?

- Financial cover for your funeral, in the event of your unexpected death.
- Cover your spouse, up to 5 children and 10 additional extended family members including parents-in-law.

How Does This “Funeral Insurance Thing” Work?

Easy … All you have to do is pay your monthly premium. How much your premium will be is determine by:
• Your age
• Your chosen policy, and
• How many people you insure.

Less Hassles - Claim Pay Out With-In 48 Hours!

Most Funeral Insurance Companies in South Africa offer pay-outs within 48 hours. Depending on your funeral insurance company, simply submit these documents to your specific insurance company:
- A certified copy of the death certificate
- Certified copies of the deceased’s ID



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