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What Is Car Insurance?

Car Insurance is the protection you receive on your motor vehicle in the case of an accident. In other words, should you be in an accident, or incur damage on your car, your car insurance company would then pay for the repairs to your and the other car.

Car insurance comes in various types:

1. Third Party:
This type of cover is cheap car insurance. This will cover any damages inflicted to another car or person but it will not cover you or your car.

2. Third party, theft and Fire: This type of insurance protects you by paying for damages inflicted to another car, it also covers you should your car be stolen and in the case of fire.

3. Comprehensive Car Insurance: The best and most costly type of car insurance. It covers everything under the two types of cover above. Which means your car insurance company will pay to fix and replace your car if it's written off. This type of insurance may even replace the items damaged that were in the car at the time of the accident.

Why is having car insurance so important?

- In the event of an accident, car insurance may pay for damages to your and another car.

- Drive with less worry and more confidence, knowing you have comprehensive car cover.

- Know you will never be left without a car.

- Having car insurance can cover more than just your car but also your spouse and several dependants cars as well.

Why a car insurance comparison is worth it

- Save more on car insurance quotes and get 23% off your quote today!

- Get the best quote from all trusted car insurance South Africa has to offer, from one place, at once.

- Choose car insurance that you can afford.

- Choose an insurance package with an excess cost you can handle.

How do I Apply? (We make it simple)

By quickly filling in your details, you could get the most affordable car insurance quotes from car insurance companies in South Africa, by speaking to a licensed financial service provider.

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How Much Will My Car Insurance Installment Be?

There are various factors which will serve somewhat as a car insurance calculator. These include:

- Your car insurance company
- The general car insurance plan you selected
- How many people you insure

In order to make an insurance claim you must pay your monthly premiums.

What is this excess thing?

It's the cost of filing an insurance claim and it seldom reflects on insurance quotes. This amount is dependent on your car insurance company.

Other Types of Insurance We Provide: