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Prepaid Broadband Deals

Provider Usage Price Range:
ProviderUsageTop up CostSpeedUnshapedPrice 
Package Details:
Immediate ActivationYes
Recommended UseHome, Office, Gaming
Concurrent Connection5
IP AdressDynamic
Webmail5 Mailboxes
Data Details
Usage p/m1 Gb
AnytimeN/a Gb p/m
Night TimeN/a Gb p/m
Extra DataN/a

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Are you looking for the best affordable prepaid broadband deal in South Africa? We display fantastic options to suit your every pay-as-you-go DSL package need. We independently and transparently compare the latest and best deals on offer from various Internet service providers. You should try our easy to use side-by-side comparisons to find the best prepaid broadband deal for your pocket.

Comparing and finding an internet prepaid plan has never been easier or more convenient. To find the best deal, simply enter in the specific factors of a broadband deal you are looking for into our search fields. You can choose the Internet service provider, the data usage, and the price. You can choose between the great prepaid DSL packages offered by Web Africa and Afrihost. All the pay-as-you-go broadband deals we offer start with the base offer of 1GB data, from which you can top up at your leisure. If you would like to limit your monthly premium, you can select the price you are willing to pay on our useful price slider.

Our comprehensive results page will provide you with all the prepaid broadband details you need to know before signing on the dotted line. We provide you with how much the Internet service provider charges per GB to top up. Depending on each prepaid broadband deal, some deals offer speeds up to 40Mbps while others are line dependent for speed. Our detailed results page will also tell you whether each prepaid DSL deal has a shaped or an unshaped line. If you click on the “More Details” button, you will be able to see the deal specifics such as activation time, Internet service provider support, and recommended use. You can also find out more information about concurrent connection, IP address information, and how many Webmails your deal offers. The data details will outline what the data usage is, when you can use the data, and whether extra data is included. We aim to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.